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Review: Once-A-Week Weekly Deodorant

Are you the owner of overactive sweat glands? Does your deodorant fight a losing battle every day? How about that list of deodorants you have, for reasons unknown, become immune to? You know what I’m talking about – deodorants you started out swearing by, until they stopped miraculously masking your body odour. And that’s not the worst part, no… sometimes it’s as if they’ve mutinied to produce the unholiest of funks with the B.O they were supposed to hide.

Enter your new knight in shining armour: Once a Week Weekly Deodorant. Exclusively sold at Watson’s, this deodorant comes in the form of wipes that boast the following:

– Sweat and bath proof
– Lasts for approx. 120 hours (about a week)
– Zero-stickiness
– 100% water soluble
– 100% alcohol-free
– 100% aluminum-free
– Stain-free
– Colourless
– Fragrance-free

It’s stated on the package that the wipes are not chemical-based, but are infused with a biological solution that is ‘the safest and most effective deodorant for all skins’. In other words, they’re essentially fighting bacteria with bacteria, which is, I think, quite the novelty in terms of deodorant use. Why nobody thought of this sooner – they’ve had Yakult/Vitagen/yoghurt products for years! – is a mystery.

Does it work, though? I’ve been using the wipes since the day I saw them on sale for the first time, and as far as I can tell, the wipes have lived up to their promises (I’m currently still using them, which makes this one of the longest products I’ve been faithful to. This review is also about three years overdue.) It goes without saying that as with all health and beauty products, the results may still vary according to the individual, although it works like a charm for me and hasn’t gotten ineffective with age at all. That’s three years and counting!

The wipe itself is really just a palm-sized wet towel soaked with, I presume, the aforementioned cultured solution. It may sport some pink/yellow spots, which is completely normal and ‘not a sign of defect’, as stated on the package. They’re for external use only, so take care not to get it on an open wound, or in your eyes. As a disclaimer, the package also cautions against contact with garments, and to store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. This makes sense, if the cultures are live bacteria. A wipe usually lasts a week, although this seems to vary according to how much sweaty bacteria it has to combat. The application rules are pretty strict, though straightforward:

– indoors and away from sunlight (best use after sundown)
– on cool and DRY skin
– thoroughly over targeted skin area
– let dry COMPLETELY before dressing

The instructions might seem a little tedious, but hey, you don’t want those live bacteria dying before doing their job. It’s certainly not a fuss at all since you only need to do this once a week. I was initially skeptical about it being ‘bath proof’, but it indeed is. At S$4.10 for just three of these in a pack, it’s slightly more costly than a bottle of deodorant that’ll last you the same period of three weeks, but you pay for its long-lasting effectiveness, and the absence of parabens/aluminium that’ll clog your pores to stop all the sweating. Keep in mind Once a Week isn’t an anti-perspirant – you’ll still sweat through your clothes on a hot day – but it keeps you from smelling the part. The icing on the cake? It’s fragrance-free, and will not fight with whatever perfume you have on.


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